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BLACK SPRUCE ESSENTIAL OIL - of 100% Proven Purity - Most Popular for Immune System Boosting

Desensus Assurance

Product Description

  • EASY BREATHING AND Easy RELAXATION are more reasons clients will ask for this Best Grade Black Spruce essential oil!

WARNING! Be aware there are literally dozens of species of “black spruce” and not all of them are suitable for aromatherapy! At deSensua we ONLY EVER use the CanadianPicea mariana’ species, long established and scientifically tested! Canadian Black Spruce oil is famous for BOOSTING OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, traditionally used to ward off colds, flu and also helping us fight off all sorts of other pathogens.

The high level of invigorating monoterpenes bring refreshment and clarity, yet famously aid in RELAXATION AND STRESS RELIEF. Such deep relaxation also helps with anxiety-induced “tight chests”, as well as those caused by any colds or flu that get past your defenses. If it is the flu, complete with CONGESTION, then it’s good to know black spruce’s extra-high volume of camphene and delta limonene also give it great expectorant and antitussive (anti-cough) properties!

Note that THE AROMA is sweet and much milder than most evergreens, making it more suitable for a massage with a neutral carrier oil. We’re sure you’ll absolutely adore this Canadian essential oil.

Easy to Use

Directions:  For bronchial congestion put a few drops in a mug of hot water for breathing in the vapor. Covering your client’s head with a towel may cause their eyes to sting. For relaxing aromatherapy be generous, 6 drops in a warmer/diffuser but limit the time to 30 minutes. 

Blends well with: frankincense, firs, grapefruit, bergamot, spikenard, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Nothing But The Highest Quality Essential Oils

  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN PURITY by gas-liquid chromatography and then a mass spectrometer, ensuring the entire distillation, extraction and bottling production method results in only Best Grade oil of outstanding purity.
  • OUR BEST GRADE OIL, IN OUR BEST PACKAGING. All deSensua Best Grade oils are lovingly presented in a soft black velvet pouch, protecting your photoprotective DAG Vial (Deepest Amber Glass) and its precious contents
  • REFRESHING 90 DAY GUARANTEE! We offer such supreme quality that we proudly back our products with a special 3 MONTH satisfaction guarantee!

Add deSensua Black Spruce to your shopping cart and private collection right now, because you and your clients deserve the best!


Size: 15 mL

Country of Origin: Canada

Botanical Name: Picea mariana

Method: Steam Distilled

Safety Warnings: deSensua Black Spruce Essential Oil is of truly luxurious, professional purity, obtained entirely from the Canadian spruce tree (Picea mariana), meaning it is highly concentrated. High volume exposure can cause excess drowsiness. Not for use during pregnancy. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, broken skin or mucous membranes. Keep out of the reach of children. These safety warnings are not exhaustive.

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