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JUNIPER BERRY ESSENTIAL OIL - of 100% Proven Purity - Most Popular for Detoxification and Muscle Cramping

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  •  MOST POPULAR FOR DETOXIFICATION and MUSCLE CRAMPING as it’s a both an antispasmodic and natural diuretic 
  • DEPRESSION  -  is another reason clients will ask for this Best Grade Juniper essential oil!

Is it a new year already? Many clients will ask for juniper because they want to make a fresh new start, both emotionally and physically! EMOTIONALLY because its fresh woody aroma banishes the blues, and PHYSICALLY because it purges and cleans you from the inside out! You might expect such a crisp scent to be all about energy and vitality, and yet experience shows that juniper has a distinctively calming, soothing effect, untangling nerves and leaving us refreshed, much deeper than a simple energy boost. Some say it’s more like awakening from a good sleep!

This is important because for chronic blues, such as clinical depression, the simple pick-me-ups often don’t work as you’d hope. Obvious energizers can even add energy to the depression, which is like throwing gas on a fire! Juniper’s all-natural presence does seem to be subtly superior, raising the mind and spirits to a higher, happier level, and it does it with none of the drowsiness that some oils can bring. That’s pretty neat!

So how about the DETOX AND CLEANSING aspect of Juniper? Well you have 2 primary organs your body uses to clear itself of toxins, which are the liver and the kidneys, along with the lymphatic system,- but do you know what your largest organ is? It’s your skin, and it plays a MAJOR part in your body’s natural detoxification process! You can help your skin do it’s thing AND stimulate the lymphatic system with a massage, while the diuretic nature of juniper helps flush out your kidneys. This helps greatly with symptoms of toxic overload, from bloating, headaches, lethargy, constipation, weak immune system, slow wound healing, coughs and colds, catarrh, acne, and more. YOU MAY BE SURPRISED JUST HOW POWERFUL THE EFFECT IS after just a few sessions, because that’s often all it takes to nudge the body back into balance for successful detoxification. Once that happens other things improve too, such as reduced blood pressure and even weight loss!

Juniper oil is also an effective antispasmodic for most forms of cramping, including intestinal, respiratory and skeletal muscle. A twice weekly massage with juniper for just one month makes a HUGE difference in so many ways! Sourced only from Russia’s vast and natural coniferous forests, ensuring this special oil is as eco-friendly as it is economical. One of the Best Grade range, it carries our 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee, because we’re sure you’ll absolutely adore this essential oil that comes from Russia - with love!

How To Use: Blend with a carrier oil for massage at no more than 1:12. Consider foot massage twice weekly for rapid detox’ but for tackling the blues classic shoulder rubs may be best. Apply directly to areas of cramping discomfort as a lotion. For aromatherapy a candle warmer is generally considered better than a nebulizer, or add up to 10 drops to a pleasantly hot bath. Add deSensua Juniper to your shopping cart and private collection right now, because your clients, and you, deserve the best!

Nothing But The Highest Quality Essential Oils 

  • 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL- Scientifically proven purity by gas liquid chromatography and then a mass spectrometer, ensuring that each and every part of the distillation, extraction and bottling production method results in only Premium Grade Oil of superior purity. All of our oils are tested at third-party sites as well, ensuring that the results are top notch.
  • MARVELOUS 3 MONTH GUARANTEE! we offer such premium quality that we proudly stand behind our products with a special 90 DAY satisfaction guarantee!
  • OUR PREMIUM GRADE OIL, IN OUR CLASSY PACKAGING. All of our Premium Grade oils are lovingly presented in a chic soft black velvet pouch, safe-guarding your photo protective DAG Vial (Deepest Amber Glass) and its highly treasured contents
deSensua Essential oils make wonderful gifts. Each bottle of oil has been beautifully packaged in its own velvet pouch. Go ahead and spoil someone special… or better yet, spoil yourself.

Size: 15 mL
Country of Origin: Russia
Botanical Name: Juniperus communis
Method: Steam Distilled

Safety Warning: Our Juniper Essential Oil is of truly luxurious, professional purity, obtained entirely from the Juniper (Juniperus communis) berry, meaning it is highly concentrated. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth or mucous membranes. Has FDA statuses of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) but avoid during pregnancy and it’s not for people with known kidney problems.  Keep out of the reach of children. These safety warnings are not exhaustive.

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JUNIPER BERRY ESSENTIAL OIL - of 100% Proven Purity - Most Popular for Detoxification and Muscle Cramping
JUNIPER BERRY ESSENTIAL OIL - of 100% Proven Purity - Most Popular for Detoxification and Muscle Cramping