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THYME ESSENTIAL OIL - - of 100% Proven Purity - Most Popular for Gas Relief and as an Antioxidant

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    THYME for a GAS REMEDY? OK, all joking aside, it’s rare for a client to confide they have gas, and they will usually refer to it as “bloating” or some other euphemism, but you should ALWAYS take it seriously.

    Gas can affect your client in many different ways and none of them are funny, such as raised blood pressure, insomnia, general indigestion and appetite loss (thus weakening the immune system) significant pain and discomfort, social stress and in severe cases can even lead to life-threatening ruptures.

    If your client’s gas is chronic (severe and ongoing) then they should see their MD, but for quick relief right now then thyme is a CLASSIC REMEDY because of its carminative and antispasmodic properties. It works to ensure gas is quickly released in the correct downward direction, while also ensuring it cannot easily build up again.

    Of course Thyme is also popular for WOUND HEALING, as it’s a POWERFUL BROAD-SPECTRUM ANTIBIOTIC but this real thyme oil is perhaps better known as an amazing ANTIOXIDANT due to its high phenolic content.

    Thyme’s phenols have strong redox (oxygen reduction) properties, which inhibit the oxidizing chain reactions that can cause so much damage to our cells. You can enjoy thyme’s antioxidant effect via simple and easy aromatherapy, which will ALSO kill off most airborne bacteria within the treated room or space.

    No wonder thyme has been popular for its medicinal properties for over 5,000 years! The aroma is strong, often described as “piercing” and very herbal. deSensua Thyme Essential Oil Comes with our 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee, because we’re sure you’ll absolutely adore this essential oil from the Mediterranean.

    How To Use: Diffusion is fine for airborne bacteria but for all other uses we recommend either adding to a blend or diluting to at least 1:6, preferably 1:15 and applying to the skin via massage or lotion.

    Blends well with: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary and Pine.

    Add deSensua Thyme to your shopping cart and private collection right now, because your clients, and you, deserve the best!

    Nothing But The Highest Quality Essential Oils

    • 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL- Scientifically proven purity by gas liquid chromatography and then a mass spectrometer, ensuring that each and every part of the distillation, extraction and bottling production method results in only Premium Grade Oil of superior purity. All of our oils are tested at third-party sites as well, ensuring that the results are top notch.
    • MARVELOUS 3 MONTH GUARANTEE! We offer such premium quality that we proudly stand behind our products with a special 90 DAY satisfaction guarantee!
    • OUR PREMIUM GRADE OIL, IN OUR CLASSY PACKAGING. All of deSensua Premium Grade oils are lovingly presented in a chic soft black velvet pouch, safe-guarding your photo protective DAG Vial (Deepest Amber Glass) and its highly treasured contents

    deSensua Essential oils make wonderful gifts. Each bottle of oil has been beautifully packaged in its own velvet pouch. Go ahead and spoil someone special… or better yet, spoil yourself.


    Size: 15 mL

    Country of Origin: Thymus satureoides

    Botanical Name: Morocco

    Method: Steam Distilled

    Safety Warnings: deSensua Thyme Essential Oil is of truly luxurious, professional purity, obtained entirely from the thyme (Thymus satureoides) herb, meaning it is highly concentrated. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth or mucous membranes. Dilute at least 1:6 for topical use.  Do not use if taking medication for hypertension (high blood pressure) or if you are breastfeeding. Keep out of the reach of children. These safety warnings are not exhaustive and medical care should be sought for excessive symptoms.

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    THYME ESSENTIAL OIL -  - of 100% Proven Purity - Most Popular for Gas Relief and as an Antioxidant
    THYME ESSENTIAL OIL -  - of 100% Proven Purity - Most Popular for Gas Relief and as an Antioxidant